Analysis of values with respect to equality

“Careers Education and guidance is a profoundly political process. It operates at the interface between the individual and society, between self and opportunity, between aspiration and realism. It facilitates the allocation of life chances. Within a society in which such life chances are unequally distributed, it faces the issue of whether it serves to reinforce […]

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Sexism – 1356 words – College Essay

Equality is something that is craved by many in the world, in race, in age and in sex, as well as in many other cases. The equality of women and men is a great concern to the world. Some say that women are still treated as inferior beings, others say that their has been progress […]

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Identify factors that contribute to the equality of individuals in society

Ethnicity – belonging to a group that shares the same characteristics, such as country of origin, language, religion, ancestry and culture. Ethnicity is a matter of biological and historical fact and is not changed by the culture in which a person grows up. This links to the equality of individuals in the society because we […]

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Social equality between men and women

Social equality can be looked at as the state at which all people of a given society or a certain group are at the same level or rank. In this context, it is whereby women and men are treated the same way and looked at as in the same level. Equal rights in every aspect […]

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Social Contract and Equality

This paper intends to show that social contract, the bedrock of the civil society brings about equality among men. To this end, the paper will use the philosophical arguments of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Both philosophers argue that, social contract is the most practical source of all what is good and that which men […]

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Meeting the Challenge of Attaining Equality for Canadian Women: Achievements and Failures

Nowadays it is universally recognized that equality is a corner stone of any democratic society. At the same time in almost all nations women have been subjected to discrimination in family, society and at workplace for many centuries and until the present. Deep-rooted stereotypes, traditional cultural and religious habits and ideas depreciating role of women […]

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