Objectivity has always been a core philosophical concept. It has various definitions depending on the source. A proposition is definitely regarded as objectively true whenever its truth conditions in all aspects are met by use of independent minds. This means people exist freely or in other words independently from the many thoughts of a given […]

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The Platonic View on the Epistemology and Arts and its Implications to Education Religion and Human Soul

The first philosophic slice in Plato’s Book Seven of Laws expounds the ancient quarrel between arts and philosophy, in such a way where the protestation is grounded on the concepts of reality, truth knowledge and imitation, whereof he sets to point out the twofold opposition of ideologies in them, and thus their archaic dispute. Book […]

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Feminist Epistemology

The different areas of Feminist Epistemology are Feminist empiricism, Feminist standpoint and Postmodern Feminism. Feminist empiricism, argues sexism and andocentric involve social bias that are correctable by stricter adherence to the existing methodological norms of scientific questions. Feminists’ empiricism believe in removing blinders and bias to produce a better account of the world. The Feminist […]

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Epistemology: The Theory of Knowledge

Knowledge is power. That is one of the most popular slogans in the modern world. There is a general understanding of what that means but the question remains how does a human being acquire knowledge. The deeper question when it comes to epistemology is not merely knowing the veracity of the first statement given above […]

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