An investigation into the effect of a germination inhibitor on the germination of seeds

For a seed to germinate there are specific conditions different seeds need. In this experiment, cress seeds are to be used. Going through the basics first though, for a seed to successfully germinate there needs to be: o An adequate supply of water o A suitable temperature o An appropriate partial pressure of oxygen o […]

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Enzyme concentration and enzyme activity

For this investigation, we are going to find out how different enzymes (in this case, trypsin) concentration in a solution would affect the rate of which solute (Casein) is broken down. I think enzyme concentration would definitely have an effect on the rate of reaction. My hypothesis is that increasing the concentration of trypsin would […]

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The uses of enzyme in industry

Any group of chemical substances which are produced by living cells and which cause particular chemical reactions to happen while not being changed themselves (Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) ffffAlso with the ability to catalyze certain reactions, make enzymes a very suitable in the making of specific products. Enzymes do this by lowering the activation level […]

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The Commercial Use of Enzymes

Throughout this project I will be looking at the use of enzymes in industry. I will focus my thoughts onto the medical area and furthermore onto the portable medical devices. This will include looking at biosensors in great detail along with medical test strips. Enzymes are chemical catalysts; this means that they increase the rate […]

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Application of enzymes in industry and medicine

Enzymes have enormous potential in the commercial world. Since they can catalyse specific reactions at relatively low temperatures, they are more versitale and cheaper than inorganic cataylstys. Enzymes can work out a range of Ph levels and normal atmospheric pressure therefore energy saving. Enzymes are biogradable and therefore cause less environmental pollution. Enzymes are formed […]

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What are enzymes

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts. They speed up the chemical reactions which occur inside living things. Without them, all reactions would be far too slow, and living organisms would not be able to function. Enzymes are extremely efficient at doing their job. Some of the chemical reactions, which take place in our cells, […]

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To examine the effect of temperature on the enzyme catalase

At the most basic level, enzymes are biological catalysts. They are proteins, meaning that they are polymers of amino acids. Their tertiary structure gives them a globular form due to the bonding present in the molecule. Many types of bonds hold the structure together and in the right shape. They strongest of these are the […]

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Application of enzymes in Brewing

Enzymes are commonly used in our every day lives and are taken for granted they are used in such things as baking, detergents, food manufacture, fruit juice, oil and fat synthesis, pharmaceuticals, protein production, starch and sugar production, wine making and what I’m looking at, which is brewing. I’m looking at the amount of naturally […]

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Have the uses of enzymes in industry and medicine

They have a very high catalytic efficiency and can speed up the chemical reactions by lowering down the activation energy. The enzymes work by a process called the ‘lock and key mechanism’ by fitting in the specific molecules in the active site and then releasing them after the reaction. Enzymes play a very important role […]

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The Use of Enzymes in Medicine

Enzymes are biological catalysts, which speed up the rate of a chemical reaction. They speed up the reaction by lowering the activation energy required to begin the reaction. Enzymes work at their optimum rates in specific temperatures and pH ranges. Enzymes are globular proteins with a tertiary structure, which determines the shape of its active […]

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