Environmental Science

The Importance of Understanding Concepts in Environmental Science when Designing Buildings

The totality of the construction of a skyscraper, a low-rise apartment or even a single house does not only involve the materials used and the manpower for the construction. The place where it will be constructed is also taken into consideration since there are factors that can affect the stability of a building with respect […]

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Environmental Science Analysis

Organic phosphates and chlorinated hydrocarbons have the same basic structure with carbon and hydrogen. Chlorinated hydrocarbons have chlorine as an added element. Organic phosphates have the hydrocarbon chain and phosphate group. Chlorinated hydrocarbons are less toxic then organic phosphates. Both are used as insecticides . However they are difficult to remove from the environment as […]

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Environmental Science and Aquatic Habitat

The purpose of an eco-column lab is to show the similarities between that and a real world. It is a useful tool for learning because you get to create and see your own little world. It is very much like the real world because of the communities of organisms that it consists of, along with […]

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