Challenges of Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneur faces many challenges while starting a business for scratch as well as when struggling to ensure survival in an environment characterized by cut-troth competition. This may be both internal and external factors that predispose individuals to challenges. Therefore, locating the opportunity is easy but taking the move to integrate and plan the business […]

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To What Extent is Sustainable Entrepreneurship in SME’S Different

Abstract An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new company or industry. That is not essentially inventive, but it can generate new sources of employment and new affluence, so it is precious. Entrepreneurs do not require or desire a lot of assistance from an “innovation” standpoint. In contrast, bigger organizations frequently lose the fervor […]

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Chapter 5: Decision Making, Learning, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

Decision making the process by which managers respond to opportunities and threats by analyzing options and making determinations about specific organizational goals and courses of action. Programmed decision making routine, virtually automatic decision making that follows established rules or guidelines. Non-programmed decision making non-routine decision making that occurs in response to unpredictable opportunities and threats. […]

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The Entrepreneur as Hero

In Candace Allen’s article “The Entrepreneur as Hero,” Allen argues that the entrepreneur fits the description of a hero, a title that is normally reserved for those “who fought dragons or overcame evil. ” Allen states that there are three stages that qualify a person as a hero. First, a hero departs from the familiar […]

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Green entrepreneurship

Today, the ethical high ground is held by those companies which appreciate environmental and social responsibilities. Especially in the Western countries that are prosperous and educated, there are increasingly interest by the society in environmental responsibilities. The entrepreneurs who are able to cultivate this trend and create organisations based on environmental awareness are considered innovators. […]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Self-Employed

Being an entrepreneur has both its advantages and its disadvantages. The advantages of being an entrepreneur are plenty, however being an entrepreneur can definitely take its toll on a family life and yourself as a person. There are many future options for entrepreneurs, but there are several risks involved in the growth of a business. […]

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Entrepreneurial History: A Conceptual Overview

Part of this article investigates how entrepreneurs have translated their own insights and inspiration into enduring, strategically effective connections with consumer and best of class organizations during moments of great technological, managerial, demographic and perceptual transition. This article addresses two questions: * Why did these individuals succeed while so many others failed? * What kinds […]

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Marketing Management With Entrepreneurship

The following report is “An Innovation and Creativity Audit” of Singer & Friedlander Commercial Finance Ltd. The aims of this investigation are to perform a successful assessment of innovation and creativity within the organisation and to record any recommendations for the future. Using the nine criteria that can be viewed in the contents page, the […]

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Management – Decision Making, Learning and Entrepreneurship

The Nature of Managerial Decision Making Every time managers act to plan, organize, direct, or control organizational activities, they make a stream of decision. In opening a new restaurant, for example, managers have to decide where to locate it, what kinds of food to provide, which people to employ, and so on. Decision making is […]

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Food Cart Study

This lesson introduces students to entrepreneurship, a specific type of human resource. Teams of students create food cart businesses, give them creative names, develop advertisements, and complete basic business plans. Students, working as entrepreneurs, must develop a niche market, promote their product, and make good business decisions.Concepts: entrepreneur, venture, wants, resources, business plan competition, opportunity […]

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