Cornelius Vanderbilt

Hi, I’m Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, and I was a self-made entrepreneur, , a great railroad baron, and the wealthiest man in the United States throughout the 19th century. Earlier in my business career, I was probably the greatest shipping tycoon in the United States. My estate is worth 100 million dollars. I was one of […]

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Entrepreneurs of the 1920s

Three main entrepreneurs of the 1920’s were Alfred Sloan, the founder of GM, Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Vehicles, and Richard Sears, the founders of the department store, Sears. Richard Sears started out his business as mail order catalogues but decided to expand and have actual stores where people would be able to come […]

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Entrepreneurial Skills

The guest speaker at the conference of May 19, 2011, Luis Sanchez Noble spoke about the characteristics, qualities and aptitudes an entrepreneur should have. He defined entrepreneurs as someone who would risk developing an idea of a product or service that is considered innovative in order to create a new value for the market. He […]

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The Entrepreneur – Giorgio Armani

The entrepreneur has long ties with Giorgio Armani. Giorgio Armani’s talent and his entrepreneurial spirit are the two qualities which have enabled him to achieve great success in building a genuine fashion empire since launching his own business in 1973 His evolution in taste and style has led Armani to eliminate the superfluous, emphasize the […]

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• Entrepreneur is the term used to attribute to an individual who initiates the creation of various business enterprises (, 2009). • Entrepreneur is defined as a person who is responsible for knowing the financial risks of the business’ “initiation, operation and management” aspects (, 2009). • The notion of being an entrepreneur can be […]

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Displacement School of Thought

The Entrepreneurial Schools Of Thought are divided in two major views, the macro and the micro view. Then these two views are break down in six schools of thought and they cover the different approaches of entrepreneurship. The displacement school of thought is part of the major views. This school explains how the social surrounding […]

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The different sides of working as an entrepreneur and working in a large corporation

Working as an entrepreneur involves the capacity to lead and be observant of the trends in the specific industry. Since entrepreneurs ought to be able to manage and lead the business, entrepreneurs with a substantial business background have an upper hand as opposed to first-time entrepreneurs.

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