English language

Stanford English Language Proficiency Test

English Language Learners are student learning to speak, read and write English after already learning a native language. Learning a new language can be a daunting task especially for young people who may not feel comfortable with their communication skills. A variety of tests have been designed to evaluate the aptitude and skill level of […]

English as a Second Language

Nowadays, all people say that English is the most essential and easiest language that people could use to communicate in different countries. As I read thoroughly the two articles, which are called “ English seen as a Co-star among Global Language” and “Can English be Dethroned”, I’ve found out that people more commonly accept using […]

English Is Most Important Subject at Sachool

Agree Because the English language. Everyday human world. Need to use it in life in terms of trade flows of the world’s talk. Because all major countries or the world. Are used in English tactics and English is the most popular language in the world. English is a universal language. Importance Of Learning English The […]

English Global Language

In the 21st century, the evolution of the English language is occurring at an alarming rate. With the blending of cultures and religions and the advent of new technology, such as cellphones, and global messaging software, the basic core of the language is beginning to change. Slangs and shortened versions of words, are becoming universally […]

Globish – Global English

Throughout the twenty-first century the emergence of globalization has encouraged the appearance of a Global Language. International English or “Globlish” is the concept of English as a global means of communication. A considerable number of non-native English speakers interact with it in their daily life mainly throughout the media. Can we actually talk about Global […]

Importance of English

The language of English is also known as the first language of the countries of Australia, Canada, the Commonwealth Caribbean, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom as well as the United States of America. Now English language used as the second language Worldwide commonly considered as the universal language. Especially from the Commonwealth countries like […]

My Ideal English Class

Spoken English is quite opposite to written English because when we are writing, we have time to think whether a word is appropriate, if the tenses are correct and so on. While spoken English is totally on the contrary, our words, phrases, and tenses should be dealt with unconsciously and immediately. There are many ways […]

Benefit of Learning English

This paper present a review of the benefits of learning SBLE1042, English For Communication II. The aim of the paper is to identify the advantages of learning English. As an international language, English is an essential tool of communication in the pursuit of knowledge. In this global era of the information and technology, a good […]

Why Not Use Standard English All the Time

Standard English is an idealised variety that constitutes a set of norms associated with intellectualism, professionalism and prestige adopted by the educated speakers of English. As it is of a prescriptive nature, it constitutes what is deemed as the ‘correct’ use of grammar and vocabulary and often found in formal registers of language. Whilst it […]

How Ghanaian Is Ghanaian English

English language came to Ghana around the second half of the 15th Century through a group of English merchants who arrived in the Guinea coast to trade in gold dust and spices (Sey, 1973). According to Sey, by the 18th Century, British have attempted to establish schools in the Gold Coast. In 1788, a school […]

English as a Global Language

The world population is currently estimated to be more than six billion. As this number continues to increase, the languages which are spoken among them also are being dramatically increasing. This being a fact, is the reign of English as a global language ending? With this being said, over 6,000 languages are spoken and written […]

Importance Of English Language Example #2

Good Morning to one and all. I am here to present my views about the importance of learning English language which is taught to us right from our birth. English is not just taught at home, at schools and colleges but even at professional colleges and at work places too. English was taught till Intermediate […]

English Language Is Important

The English language has been widely spoken and used in Malaysia for many years, so much so that it has automatically become the second language of the country. Nearly every household in the city in Malaysia uses English, even if it is not the first language of the house. With the world becoming smaller due […]

The English Language

English is one of the most important languages in the world. It can even be regarded as the single most important language. Though other languages are important too, they are not the same as the English language is. English is important because it is probably the only language that truly links the whole world together. […]

Varieties of English

In sociolinguistics a variety, also called a lect, is a specific form of a language. This term may include languages, dialects, accents, registers, styles or other sociolinguistic variation, as well as the standard variety itself. The term dialect will be mentioned in this research paper. The term refers to a variety of a language that […]

English Is a Second Language

English as a second language is not easy to learn. This is because English has its own set of rules in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciations that might be very different from that of the native English as a second language is not easy to learn. By following six simple steps, however, non-native English speakers can […]

Advantages of Speaking English

English is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. English is often the common language between two people from different countries. Speaking English fluently will allow you to communicate with people throughout the world, whether you are in an English-speaking country or another foreign country where English is the language you have […]

Mother tongue reading response

Mother tongue usually means the language first learned by a person, but for Amy Tan it has a special meaning, limited language which is the language her mother speaks. Tan feel so deeply about her “mother tongue” because the limited language effects that many people misunderstand her mother. The way Tan’s mother speaks effects the […]

The World Language-English

Can you speak English? English is spoken as a first language by the majority populations of several countries: including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and some Caribbean countries. Nowadays, many people in the world can communicate with others from different countries in English. For example, when a Chinese meets […]

English-international language

•English is widely spoken and use around the worldand consider it the world language or the international language. •English language has an extremely large vocabulary. A basic and fundamental knowledge of the language is considered a requirement in a number of professional occupations. •Moreover, English is the international language of diplomacy, business, science, technology, banking, […]

Important of english

I absolutely agree with what English is a world English that we know how to use. From political news to our daily conversation, we can see English every where. Take Taiwan for example. The kindergarten students now, all have to start learning the second languag, English. In addition, most corporate managements believe that someone with […]

The benefits of learning english

Many people see the ability to communicate and talk with others as one of the major benefits of learning English. Even outside of a professional environment, people often like to be able to talk to individuals from around the world. Many people find great social and cultural benefits in having pen pals from other countries, […]

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