How Unlimited Access to Internet Affect Motivation of Employees

The presentation majorly discusses the link between unlimited Internet access and motivation of employees. This paper is organized with the view to building a theory through extensive review of literature materials. The design of the paper is to develop questions that would form the basis of the theory, the extensive search on organization internet procedures, […]

High Performance Capabilities of Employees

The act of managing employee day to day performance capabilities is a challenge that has continued to torment the human resource department in major business and firms. Overseeing employee performance on an everyday basis is the key to an efficient performance management method. The process of setting goals, ensuring that one’s expectations are clear as […]

Employees’ Intention

One of the most important facts that determined the decision of the court was the lucidity of the alleged unfairness that was seen relevant to the employees’ intention of filing a charge. The court revealed that each Intake Questionnaire were not supposed to be treated as a charge. It apparently admitted that EEOC could only […]

Leadership Style

According to an article titled The Importance of Employees, “employees are one of your company’s greatest assets. What they say about your company, how they act In the workplace, and how happy they are In their roles all Impact on your brand, your Image, your levels of service and ultimately your customers’ satisfaction. ” (Para. […]

The Strategic Training of Employees Model

In the article “The Strategic Training of Employees Model: Balancing Organizational Constraints and Training Content” by Dan Wentland, we see several issues that emerge from the STEM model and how it can be used in virtually any organization. Wentland examines the historical perspective, examines the available literature on the subject, looks at the foundations of […]

Simmons Implementation of Great Game of Life program

This paper draws on the view that Simmons faces an array of challenges in managing its large scale organizational change and thus considers implementing Great Game of Life Program (GGOL). As a company established to manufacture and distribute mattresses, Simmons should take a new look at its leadership and management change and aim to focus […]

Workers’ Compensation Plan

There must be workers’ compensation in any company. It is very important for an employer to take care of employees’ health and their safety issues. Law supports workers’ compensation of medical care for the injuries obtained during employment. Those disabled should receive two thirds of their salary as a form of compensation. Employees have a […]

Security Management

Negligent Hiring is defined as a result of workplace violence in the form of physical outburst and unlawful harassment by employees against other employees or third parties definition, and it will be imposed on an employer if it is aware that the employee is unfit, has the reason to believe the employee is unfit, or […]

Secondary Research

A recent Ernst & Young survey calculated that the cost of replacing a high-level emplyee may be as much as 150 percent of that departing employee’s salary. (Enterpreneur. com, 2008) More than 40% of managers and senior executives expect to leave their jobs within two years, writes Chuck Martin author of the book ‘Managing for […]

School Zone Publishing

Cultivating a sense of loyalty among employees is an important task for management to undertake. However, some people are predisposed to be disloyal. During hiring, a personality and background check as to the past employment experiences of the prospective employee is important as it could give the employer some clues as to whether the individual […]


Employee selection is important as it is a way in which an organization ensures that it obtains the right human resource for specific job. Employee selection falls in the broader perspective of employee resourcing. Employee resourcing is very important in organization. It consists of administration, performance and staffing. All these are interrelated activities that are […]

What Is Merger and Acquisition and What Are Some Effects on Employees

This research paper is about Mergers and Acquisitions and the effects and consequences it has on employees. Mergers and acquisitions are sometimes referred to as takeovers or raid. In this paper, I will attempt to elucidate some of the reasons behind M&A and some of the effects it has on employees. There are a plethora […]

Packinghouse Daughter: A Memoir

The American people are recognized as hardworking the world over. The United States of America is reputed to be the world’s super power. Feared by its enemies and loved by its friends. The American President is regarded with high respects across the Globe. The American workers are known to be industrious and assertive. They posses […]

Happy employees are productive employees

Essay 1: It is very true that “happy employees are productive employees”. Who would want to work in a bad mood? Happiness cannot be measured scientifically, that is why a number of researchers have focused on investigating this phenomenon empirically. I greatly agree on a number of studies that the relationship between job satisfaction and […]

The Relevance of 21st Century Labor Unions

For many workers, labor unions are seen as organizations that champion the cause of the poor laborer. The union movement was established in order to protect the rights of workers in a particular sector (Reynolds, “Labor Unions”). However, many economists view labor unions differently. For them, these organizations are like cartels out to increase wages […]

Organizational Learning

I have prepared my presentation regarding Organizational Learning on ITT Educational Services, Inc. It is one of the top growing private college system focused on technology-oriented curricula of study. Having more than eighty ITT Technical Institutes in more than thirty states, it preponderantly provides career-oriented degree programs to around forty thousand students. Institution successfully delivering […]

Organizational Issues and Trends

Organizational behavior is an integral field of human resource management that encompasses many of its functions. Among the important aspects of organizational behavior are organizational power and politics and stress management. These aspects of organizational behavior are influenced by business and ethical considerations and the present trends in business. For the purpose of this paper, […]

Organizational Behavior

Bonuses are really significant for all managers and employees. Bonus is a sum of money added to a person’s wages for good performance. It is a way of rewarding the employees’ work. That is why it is a significant way to get a good performance from employees. Bonuses might have both negative and positive effects […]

Peers as employees

Peer support within the mental health environment is that form of social or emotional assistance provided to a patient by another who has or currently is suffering from a similar mental health condition. When such a support is placed on the payroll of a mental health institution, he or she becomes a peer employee (Davidson, […]

Value of Diversity in the Workplace

In the past 12 years of my life, I have only held two jobs and my current job keeps their employees aware of the importance of diversity in the workplace. Before I became employed at AT&T, I was employed at Super One Foods a retail chain of stores mainly in the southern part of the […]

Promotion of Employees: The Dos

Training programs for employees’ development are a lifestyle in the professional world. Employees themselves aspire to improve their knowledge and skills in their respective work areas. Self-training becomes essential to increase one’s competitiveness and marketability. Individual trainings are being conducted by public agencies to help those in lower positions get better promotions. Human has a […]

Job Embeddedness – A literature review

Human resource management plays a pivotal role in determining the success of organizational functions and operations. The significance of human resource within organizations is realized in the various strategies that can be used to motivate the workforce and create a positive work culture for enhanced productivity and improved performance levels. The increasing shift of businesses […]

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