Lack of Employee Morale in the Workplace

Something that most employers need to pay attention is lack of morale in work place. Employees who are always happy, appreciated and highly motivated tend to be more productive in the organization, hence affecting the organization’s productivity positively. Though there is a believe that, there is no way every body in an organization will be […]

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Influencing Employee Productivity

There are numerous ways to influence employee productivity in the corporate world. The most common is home-friendly program for parenting workforce. Others include telecommuter schedule, adoption assistance and child referral services. Different employers have varied means of employee motivation to influence their productivity. However, the main goal is to make the workplace satisfactory to the […]

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Increase Employee Motivation

In response to the changes sweeping across the hotel industry recently, I strongly feel that there are some few adjustments within our work place which when effected can cushion our firm from adverse effects of increased competition and ensure sustained output from the employees. With all due respect Mr. Doug Li and in the interest […]

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Importance of Employee’s Training

The employee is very vital for an organization as it outlines the expected value of the employee to the employer. This is the outline, introduction or even refreshing course. Good training can help acquire new skills, remind the employees of a very important task and goal ahead of them, and even help implement a new […]

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Employee Training

Training is any organized activity that helps impart instructions and information to a recipient with an aim of helping him/her attain certain skills and desired level of knowledge (Barker, 2007). It is the most important part of the organization strategies. Training has numerous benefits to the organization’s development. It provides an organization with multi skill […]

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Employee Relations

Employee relations ensure that the organization is able to achieve its strategic goals with ease. Employees need to be treated well in order for them to maximize their time. When employees are provided with the necessary incentives and reimbursed effectively, they can maximize their time to the organization and increase the revenue outlay for the […]

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Employee Performance Management Assessment MSC HRM

Performance-Related Pay Introduction Many organisations are competing to maintain continuity in prevailing volatile and dynamic market environment. These organisations rely on motivation and performance of employees as the key tools for their outstanding long-term success (Amstrong 2006). Performance evaluation through appraisals is a critical element of any organisation’s management, since it mirrors its progress and […]

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Employee Motivation

Increased globalization and the emergence of technological advancements have altered public perception with respect to the nature of the work environment. The ability of an organization to function effectively in the current world is depended on diverse factors that share intricate relations. Essentially, these factors are influenced by external as well as internal forces that […]

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Employee Assistance Programs

An Introduction Employee assistance programs are offered by employers with an intention to help employees and their household members deal with personal problems that might affect their work performance, health and well-being. The programs are designed in such a manner that employees can seek help on their own without other employers knowing about their participation. […]

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Employee Assistance Program

Designing and implementing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is rather challenging. However, the continued raise in emotional and mental health needs increases in the urgency of instituting such programs. In the small sized company, the Employee Assistance Program benefit scheme is approached through the external service structure. Here, the company will contract an external EAP […]

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