Spiritual and Emotional Gratification in “Ecstasy” by Hayden Carruth

The poem “Ecstasy” by Hayden Carruth keeps with the emotional tempo of the universal themes of love, spiritual awareness, longing, wonder and awakening portrayed in Roger Housden’s collection of Ten Poems to Last a Lifetime. He advances the idea that to be truly human is to be at peace with self and nature. It is […]

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Addiction to Emotional Crisis and Madness

The major part of the book is dedicated to the negative effects of harmful medication in the brain, human behavior and the human mind. This topic is noteworthy because it makes citizens pay attention to the central role of self-responsibility and self-determination in an individual’s life. Breggin and Cohen (2009) argue that psychoactive medication induces […]

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The social emotional development among the adolescents

Adolescence experiences various physical changes in their body and these results to change in behavior. Social-emotional development which involves interacting positively with an individual or group should be highly encouraged when dealing with this sensitive group. It involves sharing of ideas and improving ones self-esteem through activities like socializing, games and community work.

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Emotional Intelligence

Today, managers need well-trained employees but are finding they do not exist. As a result, corporations are providing additional training for their employees. One such training program that companies are adding to corporate learning environments is an awareness of emotional intelligence.

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