Emergency Management LA Riots

Table of Contents Page 3- Introduction Page 3 – Los Angeles Erupts Page 5- Figure #1- City of Los Angeles- Extent of damage Page 6- The Powder Keg and the Spark Page 7- LA- Rich vs. Poor, Black vs. White Page 7- Crack Cocaine and Gangs Page 8- Figure #2- Gang Territories 1996 Page 9- […]

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Emergency Management Legislation

The management of disaster in the United States is conducted by the Department of Homeland Security; the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the organization works by coordinating in the role of the federal government of preparation for, mitigation of the effects of the disaster, prevention, response to the disaster, and helping in the recovery from […]

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Emergency Disaster Management

Efficient emergency and disaster management strategies are critically important to the people. It is therefore, the responsibility of the government and the people to work together to come up with efficient and effective solutions to emergency disasters. Peek and James, (2002) explain that, “immediately following the attack of September 11, engineers from around the world […]

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Accident and Emergency care

Teamwork is an integral part of Accident and Emergency care and if it is jeopardized problems tends to occur. Looking at communication, consent and teamwork I will explore and reflect the ways in which the patient I observed was treated and what could be done in the future care and practice of others in order […]

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Diabetes in UK

Over than 2 million people in the UK have the condition, and shockingly up to 750,000 more are believed to have it without realising they do. I am going to write about the two main types of diabetes: Type I and Type II. I will research the main causes of these types, the symptoms, how […]

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Operations Management

The problem of emergency department overcrowding has become an important issue for many emergency departments throughout the city and county of Los Angeles. Patients frequently have to wait hours just to get into the emergency department to be seen by a physician or other healthcare professionals. The problem does not seem to be getting better […]

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Curfews Keep Students Out of Trouble

Looking for freedom is human nature. Everyone wants to have his or her own space and time to manage. As teenagers, we sought for independence and try hard to decide for ourselves, but our parents set a lot of rules at home for us and sometimes even strict family curfews. Thus It has often been […]

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Response Agencies

The role of response or relief agencies is critical in any disastrous scenario, be it in the form of earthquake, hurricane, flood, famine, war, air crash or terror attack. All these catastrophes lead to the loss of human life and resources, sometimes minor while massive in certain situations. The after affects are yet another affair, […]

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Reflective striping on Emergency Vehicles

The issue of creating visibility among emergency vehicles has continuously created developments in the realm of security and emergency response. One such method that has captivated this initiative is reflective striping of vehicles. The constant drive to create better opportunities for these vehicles has paved the way for different design alternatives which seek to enhance […]

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Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergencies can strike when least expected whether they be caused by a natural event such as the weather or those of an accidental nature such as a car wreck or fire spreading through a burning building. In either case, the key is to be prepared for an emergency incidence beforehand. In winter it makes sense […]

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