Emergency Management LA Riots

Table of Contents Page 3- Introduction Page 3 – Los Angeles Erupts Page 5- Figure #1- City of Los Angeles- Extent of damage Page 6- The Powder Keg and the Spark Page 7- LA- Rich vs. Poor, Black vs. White Page 7- Crack Cocaine and Gangs Page 8- Figure #2- Gang Territories 1996 Page 9- […]

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Emergency Management Legislation

The management of disaster in the United States is conducted by the Department of Homeland Security; the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the organization works by coordinating in the role of the federal government of preparation for, mitigation of the effects of the disaster, prevention, response to the disaster, and helping in the recovery from […]

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Tucson Fire Department and Police Department Response to Flood Control

For this project I was designated the task of obtaining information from the Tucson Police Department and through their department gain knowledge of how the TPD responds to a Flood disasters. My first task was determining if the Police had a department that specialized in Disaster Relief and recovery. On their website I came across […]

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The Ditching of Flight 1549

The ditching of Untied Flight 1549 changed aviation forever. It tested LaGuardia airport’s emergency plan while simultaneously testing the Emergency Alert Notification System that the New York and New Jersey area shared. The first responders were from both city’s fire and police departments along with some brave civilian ferry boat operators. They acted quickly so […]

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Station night club

The objective of this case study is for you to explore Preparation and Mitigation surrounding an incident involving emergency management. Suggest that you examine more than one article describing in order to conduct a thorough review, remember the exercise only calls for you apply Preparation and Mitigation elements to the incident. Do not concentrate on […]

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