Embedded Systems

Strategic directions in real-time and embedded systems Part-3

4. TEN-YEAR VISION Ten years from now almost all products and engineering processes will contain real-time features and embedded processors. There will be a greater demand for safe, dependable, and certifiable real-time systems. The demand will increase if there are major financial disasters or loss of life. Eventually, we should see the rise of a […]

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Strategic directions in real-time and embedded systems Part-2

3. FUTURE CHALLENGES AND RESEARCH Real-time systems will undoubtedly become pervasive. They will support an increasingly broader spectrum of applications. Many have widely varying time and resource demands and must deliver dependable and adaptable services with guaranteed temporal qualities. Moreover, both technical and economic considerations make it necessary to build these systems using commodity computer […]

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Strategic directions in real-time and embedded systems Part-1

1. INTRODUCTION Real-time computing is an enabling technology for many important application areas, including process control, nuclear power plants, agile manufacturing, intelligent vehicle highway systems, avionics, air-traffic control, telecommunications (the information superhighway), multimedia, real-time simulation, virtual reality, medical applications (e.g., telemedicine and intensive-care monitoring), and defense applications (e.g., command, control and communications). In particular, almost […]

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