Electronic Commerce and Applications

Why are some of Wal-Marts Suppliers Resistant to the use of RFID? Due to globalization, supply chains can be very long and involve many partners located in different places. Lack of logistics infrastructure prevents goods from reaching destinations on time. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are attached to or embedded in objects, animals, or humans. […]

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The Main Features and Difficulties Regarding the Regulation

A narrow definition of the Electronic Commerce reads that an internet transaction is the sale or purchase of goods or services, whether between businesses, households, individuals, governments, and other public or private organizations, conducted over the Internet. The goods and services are ordered over the Internet, but the payment and the ultimate delivery of the […]

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What is e-commerce

Whilst E-Commerce is seen as a quite recent technology, it is important to appreciate that it began to evolve in the only 1970’s. The roots of modern E-Commerce are EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) – technologies that are some 30 years old! It can also be said that Transaction Processing (with […]

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Introduction about E Commerce

Ecommerce or electronic commerce is the way to do business by online. E commerce activities are purchasing, selling, and exchanging of goods and services through computer networks. Ecommerce can be dividing into four main categories: B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C. E-commerce is clearly defined is a part of method of using E communication and computer […]

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Security and legal problems associated with e-commerce

A complete development of e-commerce has been slowed down in a remarkable way by two kinds of problems: the ones concerning security and the legal ones. In this essay, a brief overview of both of them will be given, trying to understand what is still an obstacle for a sound growth of e-commerce, what threats […]

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The Role of E-Commerce in Supply Chain Management

The emergence of E-commerce technologies has created innumerable opportunities for businesses to develop and streamline their supply chains. Electronic data interchange (EDI) has been used to facilitate business-to-business communication and coordination among supply chain partners. The key to managing a supply chain, however, is to view it as a single entity-and not simply as a […]

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What is E-Commerce

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is an extension of traditional commerce, which is concerned with the activities of business, industry and trade, including nominally, the exchange of goods, services, information and money. E-commerce is the projection of one’s business into cyberspace. By business, it includes traditional business, individual consumers, household business, non-profit organizations, local and national governments. […]

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E-commerce assignment

In this assignment I am going to look at how introducing internet usage to a small organisation would benefit the company and whether or not the initial set up costs would benefit the company financially in the long run. Having selected a business through using a simple e-commerce viability test ( please see bibliography) I […]

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Business to Business E-Commerce

Summary of business to business E-commerce is an emerging concept that desribes the process of buying and selling or exchanging product, services and information via computer network including the internet. E-commerce are divided into Business-to-Business electronic commerce (B2B EC) implies are computing electronics, utilities, shipping and warehousing, motor vehicles petrochemicals paper and office products, food […]

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Business Process & Strategy

Undoubtedly the advent of e-Commerce has changed the way we, the customers, shop these days. In Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, in various product categories such as, Electronics, Footwear, Accessories or Books, e-Commerce is increasingly becoming the preferred channel for shopping. Obviously, shopping online saves a lot of time for us, but also is […]

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