Obama and Romney Speeches in the last General Elections

Introduction: The run to White House started month ago and from the many interested candidates, the battle was leveled to two main candidates. This follows after the Republicans settled on Mitt Romney to carry their party’s flag. The election battles between Republicans and Democrats already started months ago. The Massachusetts’ Republican governor, Mitt Romney and […]

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The British Voting System, Undemocratic

This essay will be dealing with the question how the British voting system tends to be undemocratic in comparison with two other European voting systems – the French and German. The United Kingdom counts five distinct types of elections: UK general elections, elections to national/regional parliaments and assemblies, elections to the European Parliament, local elections […]

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Expansion of Sufferage in the Jacksonian Age

The Age of Jackson, or the 1820’s and 1830’s, harbored changes in the government, one of which was the expansion of suffrage. Throughout this time period in American history, the right to vote created controversy and arguments, supporting and opposing the right of suffrage being given to the common man in addition to the wealthy, […]

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What Are The Effects Of Democratic Deficit On The European Parliament Elections

Political representation in the EU differs from what is obtaining in the democratic countries, and is to be seen through the perspective of its constitutional framework. There are several irreconcilable issues, namely, whether the EU should act as an intergovernmental organisation or as a federation of the European states. In addition, decisions are made at […]

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Does the American Vote Really Count

Without the Electoral College, one sole human being or a party of political influence such as congress could possibly have too much governmental power. This is why the Founders chose to establish a safeguard of sorts to help with the checks and balances the Constitution refers to. Although very dated, this institution could benefit from […]

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Campaigns and Elections: Mississippi

It can be summed up that most of the county in Mississippi are in favour of Obama in the presidential race as can be reiterated in the county vote results reflected in clarionledger. com. Nonetheless, the last presidential race (2004) shows that about 59% of the votes goes to George Bush which is a republican […]

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The American youths and the Elections

In a recent national election, only 25 percent of the people of the age group (18-25) in America was said to have participated in the election, and this has led to the drumbeat that only elder voters are willing to participate in American’s election and the youth don’t care.

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