Election 2000

Every four years there is a presidential election. The elections are important to most Americans because it can change the future for many generations. There are many who run for this very important position, those who run get into to parties of those who will take office with them. There are third parties, and some […]

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Election Propaganda

Political propaganda can be manifested in a number of ways. The aim of propaganda use, especially in the political scene, is to portray an opponent in the bad picture in a bid to gain political favours. Name calling, use of negative ads in the media are some of the most common forms of propaganda in […]

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There is no such thing as an ideal electoral system

Illiberal democracies do not steal elections but rather manipulate the result meaning that there cannot be an ideal electoral system for an illiberal democracy (Mackenzie. 1958: 98). In this essay I will concentrate on democratic democracies. Debate has been going on for centuries with disputes on all aspects of the voting system including the ballot, […]

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The Candidates: Who is best for me

When it comes to the 2008 presidential election it has obviously had an impact on the lives of many. Not just simply for the fact that for millions it will be their first time. This year there has been record number of people registering to vote, and it continues to go up with each day. […]

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Why did Roosevelt win the election of 1932

I am going to look at both sides of why Roosevelt won the election of 1932. 1932 was a time of panic in American society, as they had just had the Wall Street crash which was straight after the economic boom. Hoover was the president at the time. Roosevelt had fell out of politics after […]

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Why did Labour lose the 1951 General Election

The Attlee governments of 1945 to 1951 can be divided into four key sections. The first years, between 1945 and 1946, saw fervour for rapid reform in many areas of government. The year 1947 brought an abrupt end to the honeymoon, as the government was forced to shift focus from massive reform to crisis management […]

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Recent general election results have shown the need for electoral reform

Whether or not you think there is a need for electoral reform depends on your political view. For instance if you follow the Liberal Democrats then you would certainly agree that there is need for electoral form. However if you were a Conservative supporter you would not agree with that viewpoint as they had an […]

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Modern election campaigns

Until the last 3 decades voting was much more predictable than it is now. Voters tended to have traditional allegiance. They were unlikely to be strongly influenced by the election campaign, unless they are “floating voters”, these voters especially those living in marginal constituencies. These floating voters determined the outcome and parties were keen to […]

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Is the Electoral College Fair

The Electoral College has been a topic of discussion ever since the election of 2000. When you rely on this system, there could easily be a different outcome in the electoral vote and the popular vote. With the Electoral College in place, some of Americans’ votes are basically worthless. When the Electoral College was put […]

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State of the Economy as the Dominant Issue in Presidential Election 2008

Americans had been asked even before the presidential elections of 2008 about issues that may influence their votes. The majority of prospective voters, that is, eighty-seven percent of those that had participated in the research, had indicated that the current state of the U. S. economy would definitely influence their votes. The second most important […]

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