Elderly people

The Dorothy Project

The activity we had taken part in, was The Dorothy Project, which was about discussing and designing ideas to help the elderly. Then finally present them to the learning community that you were in. We all worked as a team in our advisory group, which is a group with all ages for year 7 to […]

For Elderly People To Be Able To Drive

I am here to talk to you about whether or not old people should be allowed to drive. It is my objective to captivate your minds and persuade you to believe the fact that old people should be able to drive. My personal view is that as an elderly person has passed their driving tests […]

Depression in the elderly

Depression is a brain disorder that affects the thoughts, behavior, emotions and physical health of an individual. It is an affective disorder with changes in moods of the depressed person. Elderly people suffering from depression experience feelings of sadness and discouragement and a low self-esteem. Depression in the elderly can be caused by a chronic […]

Depression in the elderly

Depression is the mental health problem of greatest frequency and magnitude in the aged population. Estimates of prevalence vary radically depending on the qualitative variables being considered and the definition being used. Although it is estimated that between 1% and 2% of the population over age 65 meet the DSM IV criteria for a major […]

Depression in the Elderly People

The American Accreditation HealthCare Commission defines depression as: “a medical illness characterized by persistent sadness, discouragement, and loss of self-worth. These feelings are accompanied by reduced energy and concentration, sleep problems (insomnia), decreased appetite and weight loss”. According to the Commission, patients who are in their later years and depressed have more pronounced distress over […]

The Significance of Elderly People in our Society

The fastest growing population in the world today comes from the sector of the elderly. Everyday, about 30, 000 people cross the threshold of 60 (Slater, 1995). This final chapter of life is characterized by the decay of physical and mental capability, thus, many problems are faced by the elderly people. They suffer from physical […]

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