Elderly care

To What Extent Are Nursing Homes a Better Alternative to Home Care for the Elderly

With the changed medical environment and the advancement of medical technology, the proportion of older people in developed countries, such as USA and UK, is higher than in developing and undeveloped nations. As a result, these governments have attempted to find an efficient long-term care to reduce social and medical costs. In the past, families […]

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Elderly people should be sent to old folks homes for better care

Some people claim that elderly care should be provided by nursing homes these days. In my opinion, senior citizens are advised to live with their descendants by dint of their needs of emotional support as well as the responsibility of younger family members. To begin with, one reason for the elders to stay with their […]

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Caring for Older People

As people get older they lose independence, they become less mobile and aren’t able to do everything for themselves any more. It is important to ensure that they keep as active as they can to ensure they keep their independence for longer. Carers can help this process by offering activities that are enjoyable, safe and […]

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Principles of Social and Health Care

For an Old Care home there are some underlying principles of support that need to be applied to ensure that the patients and people living in the care home are looked after for in a dignified way. These principles are: – Respect for privacy and Dignity – This principle ensures that the old people have […]

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