Reclaiming the Borderlands

C. Alejandra Elenes presented how the Borderlands that “speaks a language of fluidity, migration, post colonialism,” and displacement of subaltern identities (p. 359), can influence and contribute to the “construction of progressive educational discourse by deconstructing” educational notions of identity, culture, and difference (p. 375). Undeniably, and as what Elenes said, Chicanas/os have suffered a […]

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Students Should Be Required to Take Physical Educatuion Courses

Would you want your child to be overweight, have bad sportsmanship and cooperation? What about your child to be stressed or depressed? Some students in schools today are not required to take Physical Education courses which negatively affect children. 13. 2% of Mexican-American girls four to five years old are classified as over-weight according to […]

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