Educational psychology

Forgetting: Educational Psychology and Modern Man Remembers

Robert Lynd is a humorous writer who deals with the ordinary matter of forgetting in a jovial manner. First he deals with the things which human beings don’t forget. Modern man remembers the telephone numbers and addresses of his friends. He does not forget the appointments for lunch and dinner. It is surprising how he […]

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Promoting Development and Learning

Promoting development and learning in early childhood is extremely important. “Learning starts in infancy, long before formal education, and continues throughout life. ” All parts of the environment and everything or everyone a child comes in contact with will have an impact on their cognitive, emotional, and social development. In our early childhood programs, they […]

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A Comparison of the Old Eyfs to the New Eyfs

A comparison of the old EYFS to the New EYFS together with the relationship between the Montessori Method and the EYFS structure. The Early Years Foundation Stage is a document which displays and outlines the requirements in development, structure of learning and care for a child from birth to 5 years old. It is a […]

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How Difficult Can This Be

1. After viewing the F.A.T. City workshop clips, what did you see as one of the main “take-away” messages? I choose some take away messages from different sections throughout the film. I will use the information from the video and apply it to my everyday tasks in my future classroom. Starting from the beginning of […]

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Observation Analysis

Observing a classroom has a certain metaphysical edge. Merely by your presence and watching, you cannot help but feel that you are somehow changing or influencing the class and the students that make it up. My observations took place in two settings, the first and my primary observation source, was at Children’s Garden Montessori School […]

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Vark Analysis Paper

After taking some time and examining the questionnaire that was completed, it showed a multi-modal learning style. This writer showed a highly aural learning preference coupled visual and kinesthetic learning preference that match exactly. This is great to have and it shows this writer is well prepared to sit in college classrooms and live forums […]

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Role Of Criterion Referenced Tests And Norm

According to Van der Linden (1982), the rise of new learning strategies has changed the meaning of measurement in education and made new demands on the construction, scoring, and analysis of educational tests. Educational measurements satisfying these demands are usually called criterion-referenced, while traditional measurements are often known as norm-referenced. Thus, educational tests can be […]

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My Reflection on My Degree Course

For this paper I will be discussing the long-term results and the value of completing a degree in higher education, how the tools and assessments over the last nine weeks will help me in future courses, and my career plan. I will also include and reflect on the following four topics; collaborative learning environment, critical […]

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Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment

The function of assessment in learning and development is firstly a way of measuring a students progress. Assessment is carried out through formative (checks throughout the course), ipsative (to test against previous marks), and/ or summative (at end of course) activities to help the learner see their development whilst allowing the Assessor to give valuable […]

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Academic Study of Problem Solving and Thinking Related to Everyday Life

Academic study of problem solving and thinking related to everyday life Every day individuals are faced with many different problems for example deciding what to wear, finding a suitable place to park your car or even completing an assignment. Whatever the problem is, ‘problem solving is defined as any goal-directed sequence of cognitive operations’, as […]

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Good teacher

One of the qualities that a good teacher should possess is to help and ensure that our students develop skills that will last a lifetime. One way we can do this is to help students develop good organization and note taking skills. Using graphic organizers is an easy and effective way to deliver information and […]

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The role and responsibilities of an assessor

The roles of an assessor are many; from assessor to administrator to interviewer, communicator, mentor, teacher and even trouble shooter. An assessor has a responsibility to be approachable and be able to build a rapport & healthy working relationship with a learner in order to indentify needs correctly such as whether the learner needs support […]

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Creating barrier free environment

Many times in our life, from our mind and our thoughts, very simple yet very important issues gets a narrow escape. One of them is about creating a barrier free environment for people with disability. Everyday in our life we see disabled people struggling with their daily activities to get it done which otherwise seems […]

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The Nature and Role of Assessments of Competence

A)How to identify and use different types of evidence when carrying out assessments. We use several different means to collect evidence from a candidate which allows us to cover the elements in depth by providing as much evidence as possible in as many forms as possible. These include: – Observation of the Candidate, during which […]

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Remedial reading

English is one of the difficult languages to learn. English as a subject is usually associated with Phonic Method of teaching. A remedial reading program is necessary for slow readers and/or to those who performed lower than the average. Some children learn that certain letter make certain familiar sound which they repeat in unison and […]

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Effects of using IPads or Tablets on Children’s Reading Comprehension

Reading disorders can have a detrimental impact on students’ educational success and well-being. Snowling and Hulme (2012) state that reading is a challenging skill that requires a range of cognitive and linguistic abilities. Students with reading disorders have difficulties in word recognition, working memory, making inferences, applying and evaluating strategies to use while reading, and […]

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Reading Comprehension

Despite the vast, growing and active educational reforms continuously being modified and implemented in today’s Philippine Educational System such as MTB – MLE and K+12 education curriculum, there are still 6.2 million Filipino youth who does not receive proper and formal education in the classroom, which includes the Out – of – school children and […]

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The employee relationship

The nature of the company I am choosing is a quick service restaurant. Cognitive ability tests assess abilities involved in thinking such as reasoning, memory, perception, mathematical ability, and problem solving. These types of tests estimate applicants’ potential to use mental processes to solve work-related problems. Some of the tests add up the correct answers […]

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Intervention for Struggling Readers

The National Center for Education Statistics has reported that low-performing students have reading scores in the United States that have been on a general decline in the past ten years. Typically, there is a small group of students that enter the classroom as struggling readers. These students also have a tendency to leave the classroom […]

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Lazy youth

Teenagers can exhibit a variety of “lazy” behavior that makes parents scratch their heads in frustration. One common behavior that afflicts many adolescents is a lack of motivation. While some parents may brand this as laziness, there can be several reasons why a teenager is not accomplishing goals and tackling life with gusto. Learned Helplessness […]

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Personal factors that can influence children’s development Health status

Asthma causes shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. This may mean a child with asthma may not be able to take part in some of the schools physical activities, if it is severe. They may have to take medication. They may need to take time out for hospital appointments or when really bad they may […]

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