Reason For The Growth Of Informal Economies

In this essay I will endeavour to provide reasons for the phenomenal growth of the informal economy. Firstly, I will provide a brief definition of informal and formal economies. I will also discuss the inequalities and instability of the formal economy environment.Focusing on the manoeuvres which manufacturers and individuals use within the informal economy to […]

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How would you explain deindustrialization in many African economies in the period 1980-1996?

De-colonization after the II World War, brought freedom to a number of African Countries but along with that many serious economic problems also surfaced. From the depths of poverty, these countries found themselves incapable of facing the tough competition in the area of international trade.

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One-Sided Nature of the Economies of Africa’s developing countries

Among all the continents in the world, Africa is the leading continent in natural resources. It possesses fifty percent of the world’s gold and diamond and an endless surplus of other minerals as well as a large natural resource of untapped oil reserves.

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