ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL DEVELOPMENTS IN 2000 The expansion of U.S. economic activity maintained considerable momentum through the early months of 2000 despite the firming in credit markets that has occurred over the past year. Only recently has the pace of real activity shown signs of having moderated from the extremely rapid rate of increase that […]

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Von Thunen Model

Von thunen model links economic concepts with spatial location and accounts for two main aspects of agricultural land use: the intensity of production of a particular crop will decline with distance away from the market and the type of land use will vary with the distance from the market. The locational pattern are as followed: […]

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Chinese Housing Price Control and Economic in One Lesson

This report will be discussed on the issue of Chinese housing price control policy and its effects. The research has showed in the past decades, Chinese housing pricing was increasing at an unhealthy amazing rate in almost every city. The Chinese government has kept publishing a series of policies in order to control the increasing […]

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The Art of Building Economic Models

When you build a model, how do you know which details to include and which to leave out? There is no simple answer to this question. The right amount of detail depends on your purpose in building the model in the first place. There is, however, one guiding principle: This means that a model should […]

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Humanities Analysis

Notes prepared by Prof. Erdal Yavuz. For the sources used please, refer to the box in the bottom Toward a World Economy Europe’s entry into the Atlantic and Pacific created an international exchange of goods, created a new world-wide economy including the Americas, and paved the way for the establishment of colonies. The ability of […]

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Social and Economic Development Towards Sustainability in Tondo, Manila

Every day, people suffer from hunger, poverty, and pollution as a result of a low economic standard of a locale. It is caused by either the misleading of the government or the community or society itself, their lack of obedience to higher authority. The main problem in this locality involves the social, environmental, and political […]

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Economic and Political Environment of Dubai

In recent years, Dubai, a city within the United Arab Emirates, or emirates (UAE), has seen significant growth and is continuing to be viewed as a great place to do business. With a population of over 2 million, not only is Dubai booming, but it is a free trade zone, offering 100% foreign ownership and […]

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