annotated bibiliography on eating disorders

Zabinski, F. M., Wilfley, E. D., Calfas, J. K., Winzelberg, A. J., & Taylor, B. C. (2004). An interactive psychoeducational intervention for women at risk of developing an eating disorder. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 72, (5), 914-919. Retrieved February 4, 2005, from PsycINFO database. The study explored the use of online involvement by […]

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Eating Disorders in Adolescents

Eating is a basic survival behavior. To many people eating is a way of life, brining families together, creating relationships and bonds between people and is an expression of feelings and emotions. But there are negative aspects to food as well, such as obesity and other eating disorders. Eating disorders are very dehabilitating and misunderstood […]

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Thinspiration is the inspiration for a person with an eating disorder to continue starving themselves in order to reach their goals of being skinny. There are an immense amount of websites and blogs purely dedicated to the concept of “Thinspo. ” A group of scholars did research on this new trend, revealing startling statistics in […]

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