Earth Science

castle learning questions regents earth science

1 The diagrams represent four systems of imaginary lines that could be used to locate positions on a planet. Which system is most similar to latitude longitude system used on the earth? The isotherms indicate the temperatures at only one level in the room Which conclusion is best supported by this diagram? 3°C/m What is […]

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earth science regents castle learning

what evidence supports the theory that the earth began with a massive explosion? cosmic background radiation in space rate of rotation 360 degrees in 24 hrs 15 degrees/hour rate of revolution less than 1 degree per day (360 divided by 365) what caused water vapor carbon dioxide and nitrogen in earths early atmosphere outgassing from […]

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Earth Science

The phylum Arthropoda is the largest and most varied in the animal kingdom. It contains well over one million described species. This represents approximately three-quarters of all known biological organisms, living or extinct. Numerous arthropods remain unnamed and the actual number of living species could be as great as ten million or more. Some of […]

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