Emerging Technology in E-business

Businesses must select technologies that support core business initiatives to help sustain operations in an e-business environment. To gain a competitive advantage in any e-business industry businesses must analyze current trends and implement new technologies that will help increase efficiencies, support functionality, and increase profit margins. This paper will discuss the effects of emerging technology […]

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Fedex company review of e-business

The ability to keep up with E-businesses will depend on how well a company can keep up with new emerging technologies. On January 19, 2000, Fedex announced a new branding strategy that resulted in change of company’s name to “Fedex Corporation” and extended this Fedex name to four of its five subsidiary companies. Fedex’s strategy […]

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Laure Ashley’s American market

London based Laura Ashley proved to be a successful garment brand from her establishment in 50s till the end of 80s by means of her expert in the fast, flexible production of quality fabrics manufactured in small runs. However the expansion policies and acquisitions at the end of 80s have brought some emerging problems. Massive […]

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E-businesses aspect

E-businesses may not be able to create value alone as the delivery aspect of the value chain is very weak for Online-merchant firms such as Skype as compared to “brick and mortar” companies. So they must engage in alliances or mergers and acquisitions. This is true of the Skype story. A key part to Skype’s […]

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How to implement e-business strategy in China

By 2002, eBay entered China with its acquisition of the start-up EachNet, holding over 70 percent share (Exhibit 1). But by 2006, Taobao established in 2003 overtook eBay China. Although eBay nominally continued to operate in China, it was no longer a concern of Taobao which held over 80 percent of the market in 2008 […]

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Telecommunications services

Telecommunications services companies have been dealing with many struggles in recent years. The industry has been in a constant state of change, which has kept it unstable and chaotic. This unpredictable environment has left many telecommunications firms straining to remain competitive and to keep their clients. CrysTel, a thus far successful telecommunication firm is one […]

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Accelerating growth of E-commerce market

With electronic currency system, each users maintains a e-cash account with e-cash member financial institution. Funding are converts into ‘digital coins’ by generating digital packets using digital cash algorithm. Digital coins will then be store into ‘digital wallet’ on the user’s workstation, which equipped with supporting software that acts like an ‘ATM machine’ to transfer […]

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Advertising of my business

I am a young university graduate wishing to embark upon a business venture in the Newton-le-Willows area. I had four original ideas for a company. Out of these four options I chose to set up a Nursery service. This is because I feel there is not much public competition that many people are aware of. […]

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E-mail marketing

One of the major issues causes of personal information overload that was identified in the study came from the overabundance of email messages. Many of the offices in the study identified e-mails as the primary cause of information overload during their work day. Surprisingly, the officers felt that this problem was not enhanced by the […]

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The World Wide Web

This essay aims to explain in a brief way the ways that Internet has affected information. The decision to differentiate and choose quality information among thousands of resources. However Internet has a great amount of resources that contain an overflow of information and the decision of choosing the appropriate depends on the ability of the […]

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