Problem Solution Global Communciations

Global Communications is a telecommunications organization that is trying to survive when the industry is waning (University of Phoenix, 2004). In this scenario, they are trying to make decisions to solve the problem of increased competition, globalization, and how to lower their overhead costs. There is a clear gap between where the company is and […]

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Preparation for an interview with Goldman Sachs

Hi. I’m glad to have this chance to meet you and learn how an economics and business major can break into the IB industry. I want to be a 2008 full-time investment banking analyst for Goldman Sachs. With recruiting season approaching, I wanted to follow-up and ask you how I could best position myself for […]

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The e-commerce business

In order to analyze the industry in which Zappos.com is actually pursuing its business, we can support the latter SWOT analysis by providing a study based on Michael Porter’s Five Forces analysis. This model is a framework for industry analysis created in order to assess the intensity of competition and the attractiveness of the industry […]

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Online business

Make recommendations on how the organisation should enhance its use of e-business technologies to enhance its international use. Argos was overly dependent in the United Kingdom market. Merely, the organisation focuses on their strategic plans and applies it within the nation. Argos e-commerce retailing business has been successful since the financial economic status of the […]

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E-business strategy

Our group assignment chooses Argos as the organisation of choice reflecting on its e-business strategy. This essay content three question parts and has been answered accordingly. Technology according to Mullins (2007) is the information or data, tools and actions that have been used to change inputs into outputs. Technology has been changing and moving rapidly. […]

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E-Reading devices

E-Reading devices, such as the Kindle and the iPad are the future of the leisure reading market The essay topic tells me that e-Reading devices, such as the Kindle and the iPad are the future of the leisure reading market. The first issue that comes to my mind is that is this true or false. […]

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Factors for E-Insurance Sector

Digital trends in the economy are having significant impacts on the financial industry. New technology is driving the firms in this industry to new digitally networked models where strategic transformation processes have taken place (Meerts, 2002). E-finance institutions are moving towards “extended companies” where small-networked companies can freely serve their chosen customers and communities of […]

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eBay’s Changing Identity

One of the key business areas that eBay is emphasizing is growth of PayPal. PayPal grew 31% on revenues of $439 million. Its user base expanded 36%, to 143 million accounts. On the other hand, PayPal’s larger growth came from outside of eBay. It functions as an online bank to deliver interests, process transactions and […]

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E-Business Strategies

Tesco currently is the UK’s largest supermarket chain and the market leading food retailer with the purpose to create value for customer and gain their loyalty. Despite being the UK’s largest retailer, it has also been retailing in the global markets and based on revenue, it is the third largest global retailer behind Wal-Mart and […]

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eBusiness – Integration Issues

Organisations spend large chunks of their IT budget in implementing solutions to automate their business processes. To some extent, they get some benefits but when they extend their business to other organisations or consumers to form strategic relationships, they face lot of integration problems, which proves to be a major hindrance towards a successful eBusiness. […]

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