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E-Commerce on Society

One of those reasons is that it has given individuals the ability to purchase products or services that wouldn’t be available to them in their current area. Another reason would be that customers can have Items delivered right to their doorstep. An example of an organization that implements e-commerce is Amazon. Amazon have been an […]

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E-commerce on social media

Studies affirm that lack of product touch and Interaction with organizational representatives may inhibit the acceptance f and positive attitudes toward e-commerce (Seasonal, Chattel, & Shame, 2009). High levels of interactions with e-commerce commodities and organizational representatives may increase positive attitudes towards electronic commerce, which In turn plays an integral role in Influencing the decisions […]

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Web page & Commerce

The balance sheet is only a snapshot of the business at a particular moment in time. Therefore, any ratios based on balance sheet figures like the liquidity ratios may not be representative of the financial position of the business for the whole year. For example, the stocks and debtors may be low at the balance […]

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E-Commerce Marketing Plan

The mission of Candy’s Online Boutique is to provide the finest and most fashion forward apparels and accessories using the Internet to lower the consumer’s cost. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. The […]

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E-Business developments: How it is happening

E-business is building momentum in the Caribbean. Several regional programs have been initiated, with certain countries taking the lead. A few of these enterprises are detailed below: The Caribbean Ecommerce Initiative a regional organization of the Forum of Caribbean States (CARIFORUM), funded by CARIFORUM and the European Union. Established in 1998 the goal is to […]

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E-Commerce Industry Analysis- Porter’s

Thus they have more access to customers, but the bargaining power of the suppliers 1 OFF cost cases a change in supplier would for the e-commerce industry would only mean some change in the design of the web-page or the description of the website, so unless the service provided by the supplier is exceptional he […]

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E-commerce in retail

This growth represents an emerging, active market for online purchases, which Hudson Bay must capitalize on appropriately In order to remain competitive and avoid losing market share. Hudson Bay lacks In online presence and has failed to their website, The eBay. COM, for online shopping. Although online sales now constitute -2% of total sales (Increasing […]

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E-commerce in online Business

The main aim of this Electronic Book Store is to supply applicable industrial electronic commercial enterprise to occur via the net. This technique is probably going that the normal print data chain are redefined, the most changes occurring at the distribution and delivery level. But the end-user Input additionally changes as electronic commerce provides the […]

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E-commerce in China

E-commerce In China Abstract E-commerce, namely electronic commerce, refers to an industry where people can conduct business through electronic systems. It uses the Internet as the main mode to provide service. The development of E-commerce Is greatly concerned by people. The environment of E-commerce in China keeps improving. At the same time, more and more […]

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E Commerce. Impact of Internet for the airline industry.

Aviation and air services industry is a large, competitive, and challenging industry, characterized by high capital and labor requirement, together with customer participation during transactions hence service fulfillment. Providing great reach and the potential for rich Interaction, the internet is a natural medium for travel transactions. Airlines are turning to e-commerce to keep business flying, […]

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