Dreaming is not Harmful

“Drown” is a collection of ten short stories by Junot Diaz that tell the story of Dominicans living in abject poverty in their motherland and later transferring to the United States in search of a better life. The ten short stories cover the lives of an extended Dominican family back in their home country as […]

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Argument for Dreaming by Plato

Rene Descartes – one of the most recognized philosophers of all time has presented us with many arguments in his pursuit to demolish skepticism in his book “Meditations on First Philosophy. ” The subject of this paper will be the argument for dreaming which he assesses in said writing. The argument seeks to prove or […]

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Dream House

Dreaming is one thing that keeps us alive and when we stop dreaming it is a time to die. In my dreams I built a house that I live in with my beloved little family. I like to live in a relaxing environment with fresh air away from noisy cities and crowded places. Therefore, I […]

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Exploring The Human Mind: Achieving The Different Altered States of Consciousness

The mind is probably the most complex part of a person’s anatomy; one moment, a person is focused and fully aware of where he is, what he is doing, and what’s happening around him, yet the next, he’s spacing out, his thoughts wandering freely, until he falls asleep. These are all different states of consciousness, […]

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