Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray: Character Analysis

A key mistake established by the main characters in The Picture of Dorian Gray, is that their focus is always set on one another’s outer beauty rather than their moral backbone. In Oscar Wilde’s time era the society that he lived in was significantly influenced by the way people looked and dressed rather than the […]

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Summary: the Picture of Dorian Gray

Lord Henry (Harry): he had a thin face and clever, dark eyes. His voice was slow and beautiful. People listened to him when he talked. Dorian Gray: His face was pale and beautiful. His eyes were bright blue. His hair was blond. Basil Hallward: He had black hair and strong, intelligent face. He was a […]

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Oscar Wilde as Dorian Gray

‘I have put too much of myself in it’ (Wilde 12), commented Basil Hallward, a fictional artist, about his newly completed masterpiece. Just like Oscar Wilde, the author of The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890, revised 1891), who put so much of his life into his novel; his experience, surroundings, and the global happenings of […]

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