Types of Service Dogs

This document explores the various types of service dogs including police assistant dogs, fire assistant dogs, therapy dogs, and seizure dogs. There are various breeds of service dogs and this depends on the choice of individuals and the kind of work they are to perform. The document continues to explain the various advantages of certifying […]

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Greyhound Racing

Sipping £58 bottles of champagne in the lap of luxury, lobster thermidor on the menu, in executive, air conditioned boxes as the world’s finest canine athletes battle in a game of speed, fitness and stamina. £100,000 for the winner. Elegance, culture, grace. This is what springs to nearly everybody’s mind when this subject is mentioned: […]

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Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs are better than cats because they are active and love all the attention. They are easier to train and you can teach them tricks. Dogs Protect. Dogs will alert you by barking if there is a fire, robber or something creeping around the house, where as cats will carry on sleeping or escape from […]

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