Nick Broomfield’s ‘Kurt and Courtney’ – asessement of a documentary

This documentary is an investigation into the complicated death of global rock superstar, Kurt Cobain. Seattle born, he was the lead singer and guitarist of Nirvana, a band that revolutionised rock in the early nineties, and for many were the driving force behind the grunge phenomena. On April 8th 1994, his body was found in […]

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United 93

Set up very much like a documentary, United 93 puts you right there onboard United Airlines Flight 93, the fourth hijacked plane on Sept. 11, 2001, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field, just short of its intended target. The first half of the film cuts between the mundane routine of boarding the ill-fated flight to […]

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Documentary is the creative treatment of actuality

It completely contrasts every single other film genre. “Documentary is the creative treatment of actuality”- (John Grierson, Cinema quarterly). Its aim is to document the events of the outside world and present the truth even if it’s right in front of our eyes or obscured from view and covered up. Each documentary presents reality to […]

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What is a documentary

Documentary texts are those which supposedly aim to document reality. It is an attempt to get a ‘truth’ of people, places and events. Presenting reality however is something of an oxymoron, for it being impossible to represent reality without constructing a narrative that may be fictional in places. The documentary maker generally establishes a position […]

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Conquistador – The Fall of The Aztecs

This paper is in response to the 2001 documentary, “Conquistadors: The Fall of The Azetcs” hosted by Michael Wood. The film tells the story of Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes in his conquest of Mexico. Cortez is credited with the discovery and destruction of the Aztec empire by co-operating with enemies of the Aztecs and exploiting […]

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Food, Inc

In this documentary film “Food, Inc. ” directed by Robert Kenner and starts with a grocery store shopping center. It explains about the way our food is raised, made, and packaged. It gave an inside look on things that big food companies such as how Tyson mistreat their animals and plants. It showed the terrifying […]

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