Throughout the 20th century there was a steady rise in the divorce rates in modern industrial societies

In the following essay, I will be discussing the way ‘divorce and the consequences it has on children is treated in Malta; with reference to the reading by M. P. M. Richards entitled “The Interests of Children at Divorce”. Despite the fact that this article has been written in the 1900’s, it still has great […]

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The The Second World War Has Been

We can clearly say that the changes in law have increased the divorce rate by a substantial amount. We have to access how much the change in law is to blame for this increase and other factors, which also may affect this.There are many alternatives to marriage and these have been more and more recognised […]

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Why do some marriages end in divorce

There are many reasons why marriages end in divorces. The reasons are because of cheating, affairs, finance stresses, violence, unfaithfulness, lying, lack of trust or disagreements.If a couple was in a financial trouble then the man or the women may not want to live with them any more or may feel he or she is […]

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The Social Conflict Theory and Divorce

At the heart of social conflict is the view that conflict among members of society is inherent. Without it, the process of development of society can not be undertaken. It is the driving force for social change. Conflict is determined by social structures, both economic and political (Werner-Wilson). In societies where the economic system is […]

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Divorce in the Philippines

The House Bill 1799, most commonly known as the Divorce Bill, has been filed on the Philippine Court since July 27, 2010 and is now a pending case in the House committee on revision of laws. For more than two years now, there has been an ongoing debate by lawyers, journalists, politicians and even religious […]

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Divorce – A Menace

A divorce is a menace for not just the two individuals but the whole family. It gives birth to several new problems and difficulties which can be very hard to handle. Usually, people think that the only solution to a family’s problem is a divorce which will set them independent and free from all the […]

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Divorce and Remarriage

1.0. Introduction The difficulties of marriage and the pain of divorce have led some Christians to re interpret or deemphasize biblical teachings in an effective way to divorce and remarriage seem easier and more acceptable theologically. Ignoring or deemphasizing biblical teaching, however, is neither compassionate nor helpful. If we are to be effective teacher of […]

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