Disability and the Built Environment

Leeds is a bursting metropolis with an extensive and diverse range of shops and department stores. “This has been a direct response of the Leeds Retail Inniative, set up in 1994 so as to promote city centre shopping” (Colin, 1997). There is a wide range of shopping facilities, from small boutiques to large department stores […]

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Notions of race, gender and disability

To critically discuss the way in which notions of disability influence the development of policy and practice the social construction of difference and disability will be examined looking then specifically at the ideas underpinning the medical and social model of disability. To understand how these notions influence policy it is important to understand why social […]

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Sexuality in relation to people with learning disabilities

This assignment will analyse critically key ethical, attitudinal, political issues and historical development of sexuality in relation to people with learning disabilities and services. This assignment will explore Task B, which is based on a young man with learning difficulties experience of sexual education or rather lack of sexual education at his school. The young […]

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The effect of the disability discrimination legislation in the UK

Disability discrimination legislation has since 1995 been presented in various forms, each time addressed with the hope that one shall discover a long awaited evolved version of the previous what many consider, unsuccessful laws. Nonetheless the context of the legislation although has been questioned, it seems it is the practical ineffectiveness of the laws contained […]

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Thoughts and Reactions to Disability Theory

The course Theorizing Disability sounds quite easy. This was what I thought when I registered for this course. Little did I know what I was in for. The course is far from easy. Having an established background in disabled peoples lives helps to understand some course materials. I thought that I knew a lot about […]

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How effective has the legislation and policy reforms been in practice

In this essay I will set out to identify key legislation, which has impacted and shaped the lives of my particular client group, adults with learning disabilities. Learning disabilities can be hard to define, but it is widely accepted that impairments in the ability to read, write, spell, speak or perform any mathematical calculations can […]

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ICT and people with Special Needs

People with special needs can be defined in many different ways. Normally ‘special need’ people are disabled people with disabilities. These disabilities can be tiny problems that can’t be seen by others but are there, and other problems that people are more aware of and are obviously there and you can see them from just […]

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Learning Disabilities and Misunderstanding

Many Students around the world suffer from learning disabilities. These disabilities usually go unrecognized until it is too late and the student starts to fall behind in class, these children are often the brunt of much criticism from fellow students. In Baynton’s “Disability and the Justification of Inequality of America”, he states that disability is […]

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Specific communication needs patients have that require

Hearing Disability As well as the simple ways to support people with hearing disabilities such as making sure communication takes place in a quiet room and maybe using signers or interpreters there are also a few technological aids that can be used to assist. This could range from IT support, hearing aids, induction loops and […]

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ICT Solutions for people with Special Needs

It is critical that the introduction of new technology does not further restrict access to materials among groups already disadvantaged through disability. My Coursework will offer guidance on how to maximize accessibility and will present guidance in relation to the needs of three different groups in turn – those with Dyslexia, Visual Disability/Impairment and Physical […]

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