Dinosaur Feather Mystery

Introduction During the 19th century, birds were found to share some similar characteristics with birds. This was after the discovery of a primitive bird known as Archaeopteryx. It was not until the late 90s when the fossils of non avian dinosaur were discovered with an interesting characteristic of well preserved feathers. Since then, most dinosaurs […]

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The Extinction of the Dinosaurs

The proof of the dinosaur’s existence originally comes back to fossils (preserved remains of organisms) found in the ground. It is suspected that the first dinosaur fossils were discovered over 2000 years ago, by the ancient Greeks and Romans. However, the first recorded dinosaur fossil found was in 1676, discovered in England. 1 Since then, […]

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What Is Believed to Have Caused the Extinction of Dinosaurs

Long before the humans inhibited the Earth and called it home, there were much stronger and vicious creatures that called lived amongst the land: the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs have lived and evolved on the Earth from the late Triassic Period to the end of the Cretaceous Period for more than 185 millions years until they became […]

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