Digital image analysis of yell

Digital Image Analysis of Yellowstone National Park Introduction Remote sensing refers to the tele-observational surveying and mapping of physical, urban and environmental features. Remote Sensing is also a composite of many other subjects such as aerial photography, radar surveying, thermal surveying, weather forecasting and photogrammetry. It has now become quite common practice to use remotely […]

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As digital technology has advanced over the past 5

0-odd years with a force unprecedented in history, governments, businesses and people around the world have been affected immeasurably. The already enormous and exponentially growing capacities for electronic storage, ransmission and rapid manipulation of binary data changed the modern landscape ually overnight, making the world of today’s children unrecognizable in many ways to those of […]

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Digital Technology

This essay examines the literature on the relations that exist between digital technology and the contemporary type of artistic works. According to the literature, contemporary arts encompass all the artistic works that have been produced during the period spanning through the World War II to date. This kind of art is often exhibited museums, contemporary […]

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Digital Literacy

Information technology in the modern era has both critics and advocates. Several years ago, classical philosophers complained that the new writing methods that use technology contribute to the forgetfulness among the learners. This is because learners fail to make use of their memories. Google and other internet search engines are the new technologies. It is […]

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Digital Divide Issue

The digital divide stands for the gap amid people, households, companies, as well as regions with respect to use of information, communication, and technology (Vehovar, Sicherl & Husing et al., 2006). It also refers to the gap that exists between individuals who are currently employed and able to use ICT effectively and those who are […]

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Digital Divide

Digital divide is sometimes referred to as digital split (Internet World Stats). Digital divide is used to describe the gap that exists between persons, households, enterprises as well as geographical areas (countries) at various social and economical levels taking into consideration their respective opportunities to accessing information and communication technology services. Additionally, it describes the […]

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Digital Asset Management

Introduction Management of digital assets is a task of managing digital assets. It is a system which includes hardware and software computer systems for aiding the digital management processes. It is referred as a protocol of downloading, backing up, grouping, maintaining, exploring and optimizing files. The simple definition of Digital Management Assets (DAM) is that […]

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The Digital Video Development

Digital Video Recorder or otherwise also referred to as Personal Video Recorder is one of the technological spectaculars that have happened to the television industry. This phenomenon, though some argue that it has killed television programs, has virtually made it accessible for the public and totally changed the way we watch programs. Developed by a […]

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Integrated Modular Avionics

Airbus A380 is a four-engined, double deck airliner that was manufactured by EADS. It has 22 wheels. On April 27, 2005, Airbus A380 took its first flight from Toulouse, France. It could seat up to 800 passengers, there are two available models for A380, the A380-800 and the A380-800F.

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