Digestion System

The digestion process does not take place much more fully in the stomach but in the intestines. The Intestines are usually split into two: Small intestines and large intestines. The small intestine is almost 20 feet long and is the one accountable for extracting nutrients from food and carrying water in the body. The small […]

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Special Sense and Digestive System

1. Describe the pathway of light through the eye and the process of light refraction. 4 points Light enters through the cornea, which is the first step in refraction. The iris then modulates the amount of the light that enters the eye. The light then passes through the pupil, which regulates light entry into the […]

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Physiology of Small Intestine

And now we reach the heart of the intestinal tract. Everything so far has been preparation for this discussion. Digestion, or breaking food down into smaller bits, is certainly important — crucial even — but to what purpose? The purpose, quite simply, is to get the nutrition inherent in the food you ate ready so […]

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Fetal Pig Lab Report

The fetal pig dissection was helpful for one to understand the body and all of the body’s functions. The procedures helped the students precisely do the dissection correctly. The questions that were assigned helped the students have a deeper understanding of the pig’s body. This dissection also helped the students become familiar with some of […]

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