Sexual Deviance

Addiction to sexual activities can be just as destructive as addiction to chemical substances. Addicts may jeopardize their marriage and family relationships, allow their job performance to deteriorate, and endanger themselves and their partner through multiple sexual exposures. Even though they realize the consequences, they cannot control their compulsions without appropriate treatment. The author explains […]

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Sociology of Deviance

Deviance is a concept that sociologists use to mean different forms of human conduct defined by members of a social system as illegal, wrong, immoral, bad, or worthy of punishment. Sociology of deviance, therefore, studies the social forces, as well as, procedures that lead to the formulation of the above evaluative standards, their violations, and […]

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In each and every society across the world, there are things that are good, and things that are not. Each culture has their own set of social problems, related to the way life is in that culture. Here in America, we have many social issues that give rise to concern. However, one in particular is […]

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Determining Deviance

The dictionary defines deviance as the breakdown or diversion from the accepted norm or expected standards of behaviour of a society. The concept of deviance however has no standard definition, it is deemed to be culturally relative. That is to say that your culture (norms, values and morals) determine what you as an individual or […]

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