Developmental psychology

Development from conception to age 16

Social development is learning the skills to communicate with other people becoming independent and learning to do things on their own as they get older. Emotional development is the growth of feelings and the ability to express and control your feelings; it is also about developing your self esteem/self image. Children go through all different […]

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Physical, intellectual, emotional and social development

Conception ( 9 months before birth) Conception is when sexual intercourse takes place. It occurs inside the female body. A woman produces one egg each month, the egg travels from the ovary through the fallopian tube towards the uterus. A sperm is release from the male during intercourse, if the sperm reaches the fallopian tube […]

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Reflect on own personal and professional development

To begin with I feel that it is important to define what reflect actual is. To reflect means to look back, and that is what I am going to do in regards to my personal and professional development. Reflection is a key skill to even have and is important to the health and social care […]

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My Development and Life Span

Human development is the process of how people grow and change psychologically over the complete span of the human life; from birth to old age/death. In the past years many theorists have studied human development in five different areas such as physical, cognitive, emotional and social spiritual development. Erik Erikson is one of the most […]

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The Beginnings of My Life: Human Development

From birth, and from being an infant to a teenager, I experienced many changes in my life as I grew older. Of course first was Physical Development. My physical appearance suddenly change like my height, I grew taller. My body became firm and it started to get in shape. My voice became feminine like a […]

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Childhood and Adolescent Development

Watching children grow is one of life’s biggest joys, especially when the children are yours ans you can take certain notices of the milestones that occur from a personal perspective. But one thing people don’t often acknowledge are the deep, inter-workings that actually occur during development, such as the psychological processes that take place. In […]

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Child development

Child development is the sequential progression in the body and abilities as the child grow from birth. It is the term given to the growth of babies through childhood, the growth of a child cannot be compared to that of another, however all children go through the same stages of development which have been categorized […]

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What Role Do Relationships Play in Developing Positive Learning

What role do relationships play in developing positive learning environments? Relationships play a very influential role in the development of a positive learning environment, as the relationship between the child’s immediate environment and settings all need to co-exist and work collaborative together, to form a positive learning environment. Relationships need to be formed, as it […]

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Life History of Joanne

Joanne was born in National Women’s Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand in October 1964. Joanne’s father worked full time as a plumber, her mother worked part time as a factory worker while also bringing up Joanne and her older brother. Joanne has spent all her life, from birth to present day, living in West Auckland. Joanne […]

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Developmentally Practices

Developmentally appropriate practice is based on knowledge about how children develop and learn, what is known about the needs of individual children in a particular group, and on knowledge of both the social and cultural contexts in which children live. (Bredekamp & Copple, 1997, pp. 8–9) Developmentally appropriate teaching means that we approach children from […]

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