Conflict, Decision Making, Career Development Plan

Introduction The corporate world to today can be termed as one that has been very successful in the world business world. The modern corporate ethics and structures have seen a transformation that has never been seen before in the history of businesses and organizations. These transformations have introduced new ways of tackling the problems that […]

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Communication Skills for Career Development

During the course of my study I have learnt that good communication skills are very important in getting a job, especially graduate job. Every business has both internal and external stakeholders all of whom interact only through communication. Therefore being to communicate with various people is an essential requirement during job advertisement. Employers look for […]

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Career and Employee Development

Currently, many organizations have developed the aspect of the protean career model. They have a flexible structure which allows change in the work setting. It opposes to primitive organization structure which does not allow change in responsibility among employees. This career motivates employee to work hard basing on their performance of the set goals. Protean […]

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Smart Chips Company Steps

Smart Chips Company Porter has highlighted six steps for ensuring cost reduction in value chain management. The reduction in costs can be experienced throughout the production line and therefore reduce the final price of the product. It individually accesses different entities involved like the suppliers and managers etc. a basic point is to invest in […]

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Unit 1.Social Learning Theory of gender development

2 key processes in SLT explanation of gender role development Acquisition of gender roles Performance of gender roles A,R,R,M stand for what key terms in the SLT model Attention, Retention, Reproduction, Motivation Why is identification relevant to SLT? We have to identify with someone in order to want to imitate their behaviour What makes us […]

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Child Development Chapter 4 – Prenatal Development

germinal period The first two weeks of prenatal development after conception, characterized by rapid cell division and the beginning of cell differentiation. embryonic period The stage of prenatal development from approximately the third through the eighth week after conception, during which the basic forms of all body structures, including internal organs, develop. fetal period The […]

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Child Development Psychology (PSYC 240) Ch. 5-7

The space between neurons in the brain most likely contributes to complex thinking in humans. true Infants usually double their birthweight by the end of their first year. false Self-righting inhibits the brain development of infants who have enriching environments. false Eli is 6 months old. He slaps the water redeatedly each time he is […]

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Psychology Human Development-notes

Development A sequence of age-related changes that occur as a person progresses from conception to death Three types of development physical, cognitive and social-emotional Examples of nature biological inheritance and biology Examples of nurture environmental experiences (physical environment, parenting, family dynamics, peer relations, schooling, neighborhood quality) Prenatal conception until birth Infancy birth to 2 years […]

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SEX AND GENDER: social learning theory of gender development

Social learning theory Gender is learnt through watching and copying behaviours of others Modelling A role models provides and example for the child Imitation Copying behaviour of role modle Vicarious reinforcement Leading from model being punished or rewarded Perry and Bussey AIM To show that children imitate behaviour carried out by same sex role models […]

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Professional Development: Leaders of their Own Learning

Learning Target They translate state and common core standards into learning goals for lessons. Student-engaged Assessment Changes the primary role of assessment from evaluating and ranking students to motivating them to learn (Self-reflective understanding by student). Formative Assessment Assessments for learning that occur frequently at the outset of and during learning to enable teachers to […]

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