Poles and Italians in Detroit

In the late 17th century and early 18th century Detroit was a hotbed for foreign immigration. The booming automobile industry and resulting growth of the city ensured that many jobs were available for those able to take them. Among these immigrants were distinct groups originating from many different countries. Two of these groups were the […]

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Political Development In Detroit

Political developments are important in any city in the world. This is because politics has been a city’s governing body that is concerned with the economic condition, cultural diversity of its people, and even other matters that are sometimes being neglected by other realms. In order for a city to be fully developed, it should […]

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Crime, Housing and Detroit

The housing problem in Detroit has severely affected economic and social stability of the locale as well as compromised the safety and welfare of its citizens. The concern is not a new one or a developing one: as early as 2005, local housing offices have become a federal concern with the national government taking over […]

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