Technological Determinism

Technological determinism means technological changes in a positive or negative way. Technological determinism is the notion that technologies will inevitably change a society and its basis of different values, virtues, or vices. Social determinism is a theory that proves the superiority of the society over person’s nature and thus, over the behavior. According to this […]

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A Discussion on the Defence of Compatibilism

In his attempt to understand the world around him, Sir Isaac Newton established his third law of motion, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction (Ostdiek and Bord, 2008). Scientifically speaking, we know that cause has effect. From where, then, does the cause originate? When referring to human acts, from choosing which shirt […]

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Principle of Universal Causation and Determinism

The Principle of Universal Causation primarily suggests that everything has a cause. Conversely, this principle suggests the principle of cause and effect where all things taken as effects came about from their respective causes and that these causes also came about from certain causes (Castell). In effect, it appears that the Principle of Universal Causation […]

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Determinism, Freedom, Compatibilism

When the level of understanding of life of humans evolved in such a way that it managed to reach the plateau wherein it tries to explain the extra-physical aspects of human life, like fate, destiny and the identification and understanding of the exact power of a person to shape not just his or her own […]

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