Fashion Designer Interview

When I look for a fashion designer to interview, I had other option: Christine who works in American apparel. One of classmates introduced me her when I asked him if he knew any designer who I can ask for an interview. However, It seemed to be more interesting to ask Agassi Nakhapetian the interview and, […]

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Designer Report: Martin Margiela

Martin Margiela, rightfully nicknamed the “J. D. Salinger of the fashion world,” rejects the idea of being photographed and only grants interview via fax. Moreover, he prefers not labeling his designs, and branding them with blank labels instead (Art and Culture). This is because he was opposed to designers’ “status-hungry cult” of the 1980s (Answers […]

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Pros and Cons of Designer Babies

A designer baby is a term used often by journalists where parents potentially might have options of using genetic technology to modify embryos and choose desirable or cosmetic changes. These leads to several questions. How will the parents prefer to have babies in future? Will they prefer to interfere with the natural process of embryo […]

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Design Essay: Philippe Starck

Various products are unique and compelling. It features stylistic and attractive qualities that are attributed to specific designers. Designers play an important role in the way that products and services are produced to suit specific situations. One of the designers is Philippe Starck who was born in 1949. Starck is a French Product designer and […]

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Airport Design

The safety in the aviation industry has been a compliment of various attributes and factors amongst which is that of the airport design. In the design structure of every airport, it ought to capture various requirements that are viewed as intrinsic in creating an adequate surface and an environment that safeguards the landing and off-taking […]

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Campaign “Charlotte Miles- Designer of New Generation”

Charlotte Miles is a young designer who has just finished making her second collection of clothes for teenagers, and opened a boutique “Charlotte” in New York. She is not well-known yet, and her previous advertising campaign was not very successful.

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