Urban Landscaping Design

As mentioned earlier, the consideration of environmental aesthetic entails the explanation of underlying factors as well as their utilization in the analysis of urban spaces within urban designing process. Besides, environmental aesthetic elements are also subdivided into two categories: cognitive-semantic and visual-forms qualities. The visual-forms elements entail the contextual environment such as subjective landscape and […]

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Urban Livability

As stated above a livable city is one that provides a wide range of benefits to its residents, an aspect that promotes the lifestyles of the individual residents and visitors at large: The following are the basic principles of a livable city:   Principles Narration 1). United City residents should must engage each other effectively […]

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Healthy Cities Movement

Healthy cities emanated from Toronto in Canada but the concept has grown by magnitudes in other cities in the world. Despite being a new concept, the reception of healthy city across the global scale including Africa has been very significant to dispel any doubt about its success in the modern world. In particular, the concept […]

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Designing a New City

The concept of designing a new city is often a complex one due to the items of requirements that are needed in the process. One of the fundamental problems in building a new city is the existence of pompous architects, bureaucratic impedimenta and vainglorious dictators who locks up the process of decision making. However, despite […]

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New Orleans City Development

4.1. Case 2: New Orleans City Another special design city is the New Orleans City. The New Orleans City is presented in many scenarios as a unique City in America. Essentially, this city has been subject to various natural and artificial challenges including the effect of the Katrina disaster. The city has been craving to […]

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Jakarta City Development

4.3. Case 4: Jakarta; Indonesian Capital  The development of new cities anticipates resolving various challenges including pressure posed by population increases. Essentially, the development of new cities is also a product of demand for reducing large cities and enhancing economic development. However, the presumed bargain does not always hold. With the rising intensity of urban […]

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Acoustic Treatment for Critical Listening

1. Introductions Finding the right dimensions for an acoustic listening room has been an issue for several years due to a low frequency that is always encountered. Engineers in the field have suggested several dimensions for appropriate listening rooms, but they have not agreed on standards measures of acoustic critical listening rooms. The assignment intends […]

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Comparison between Pollock and Rothko art designs

 It is evident that human beings appreciate nurture and mores the visual items at our disposal. They tend to deprive various meanings of the arts. However, some designs are intricate to comprehend while others are easy and straight to the point. A good example of such variations is the works of art done by Pollock […]

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Subject Design in the Scythian, Hiberno-Saxon, and Celtic Art

The Scythian, Celtic and Hiberno-Saxon art have been studied due to their relevance, value and designs in the modern art world. The three forms of art have their backgrounds in northern Europe and are distinctive due to their designs, societal values, religion and economic values (Rampley and Matthew 90). The Scythian art is dated back […]

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Design research

Information research Based on week three research design information, the study was a success as most of the validations were achieved. According to the case study, it was essential to determine the best method of assessing a good design that would ensure all the objectives and goals of the experiment were met. In that light, […]

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