Logical and physical network design

Ethical Issues The purpose of this paper is to discuss the ethics statement of the business for which I work, and includes examples of ethical behavior. The paper will cover the success and/or failures of the ethical statement purpose, how the statement contributes to the work environment, and the consequences of the failure to observe […]

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Considerations in Casino Design

Considerations in Casino Design ” Architecture organizes and structures space for us, and its interiors and the objects enclosing and inhabiting its rooms can facilitate or inhibit our activities by the way they use this language”(Lawson pg.6). Casinos are tough and competitive markets that strive to out do one another in promotions, amenities and overall […]

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Local Area Network Design

Local Area Network (LAN) is a communication network that connects and sufficiently serves users located in a confined geographical area. The physical infrastructure is mainly composed of servers, a network operating system, work stations, and a communication link. Servers are high speed machines with a capability of holding complex programs and a centralized data location […]

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Joint Application Design

On the other hand, analysis of documents, which are the secondary documents, involves inspecting of the document when an existing system of developing the software becomes formalized. The data is reliable, and the information, which is usually gathered, is qualitative. This approach is a potent source of information, because it deals with facts from other […]

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Instrument Design Study

Introduction Environmental monitoring refers to a combination of processes undertaken, activities needed, and initiatives deemed necessary in characterizing and monitoring the quality of the entire environment. Environment monitoring is an essential process mainly applied during the preparation of environmental impact assessments. Under normal circumstances, all monitoring processes have justifications which are specifically designed to analyze […]

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How can landscape architects use porous pavement in site design

Porous pavements offer many benefits which are practical and aesthetic. Some of them include reduction of storm-water runoff, controlling the peak rate, increasing groundwater infiltration and recharge, treating water runoff and providing a high out-flowing water quality (Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual, 2005). To ensure such benefits are realized and maintained, landscape architects need […]

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Essentials of System Analysis and Design

The second chapter of the book, Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design, 4ed. explains the various sources of software for outsourcing companies. The first source talked about is from the information technology firms. This source is only utilized when there are no off-the shelf solutions and also when there is an unavailability of resources required […]

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Urban Planning Thesis Topics

The concept of urban planning is a fundamental issue in the management of city business recognized as the central element of growth in any region worldwide. In many instances, city planning involves the management of different amenities that suits the needs of a population that inhabits a city. However, there are fundamental challenges that face […]

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Oakley City Development

Chapter 4: Results and Discussion; Cases 4.0. Case 1: Oakley City The city of Oakley was the beneficiary of the American Public Works Association main project of the year based on its advances in the development of Main Street Reconstruction of Northern California. The project development was based on a review of candidate projects arising […]

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Virginia Main Street Design

4.5. Case 5: Virginia ‘Main Street’ Design In the case of Virginia, Main Street program has also been one of the pronounced developments that have seen a great stride in the advancements of city life management across multiple cities including the city of Nevada. Virginia introduced the Virginia Main Street Program since 1985 which has […]

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