Website Description

The first website is, which is a primary source article of a meme known as IcanHazCheezburger. The author of the article is Paul Gin who has written on what IcanHazCheezburger is and provides a photograph of this meme. The article is current because it dates 2012. The second website is a, which is […]

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Program Identification & Description

The program in focus is essentially described as ‘an experimental education program in the application of contemporary visual arts mechanism using custom computer aided design software. This program essentially entails the application of custom computer aided design software in the achievement of similar design fundamentals as the real time art practices taught in college level […]

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Process Description of Photosynthesis

Introduction Photosynthesis refers to a complex process whereby sunlight is used in making glucose, which is a sugar that is important for the survival of a plant. Therefore, photosynthesis is a food making process through which all plants and some other consumers make use of solar energy (photon energy) to produce food including glucose. During […]

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Image Description

One song says that a picture tells a thousand words. Primarily because the main aspect of having a visual material under scrutiny can provide a significant value of thought depending on how a person looks upon it. Truly enough, pictures increase the capacity of a thinking mind to go out from the limitations of logic […]

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Sometimes the Ant, Sometimes the Grasshopper

If you have ever heard the story of the ant and the grasshopper, then you will know where I’m going with this; if not, let me give you a brief background. Once upon a time there lived an ant and a grasshopper. The grasshopper, the jolly little fellow that he was, liked to play – […]

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Little One

From top to bottom and including the aura around her, she is the cutest baby I have ever laid eyes upon. Little Esa has a round face topped with straight orange red hair that has some natural blonde highlights in it. It covers the top of her head and tends to lie to the right. […]

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One of my classmate

An Old French name meaning “appearance of God”. A famous jewelry trademark. Just a girl who is one of my classmates. And for all of these there is one name – Tiffany. Only a feminine name should be associated with appearance of God as Gods are considered to have the most perfect appearance. You know […]

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A first stage of a test plan

The target of the test and its objectives state earlier on clearly shows that this test will be an essay-type one with mixture of both lightly and heavily worded questions that will also include diagrammatic illustrations.

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