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In a dental practise, it is frequently difficult to restore devitalised anterior teeth, as it poses several challenges. The dentist should be able to judge from clinical experience and training to the extent to which a tooth that is non-vital and fractured can be restored and contribute to the oral health of the patient. Several […]

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Dental Health for Senior Citizens

Along with the problems of normal physiological process of aging, elderly population is at increased risk of chronic diseases and increased intake of medications and their side effects (Altani, and Wyatt, 2002). The aging process, chronic disease and medicines contribute to various dental problems of the elderly. Those in the dental professions are seeing more […]

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Dental Health Care

Down syndrome is a chromosomal aberration which leads from mild to severe learning disabilities. Physical features of people diagnosed with Down syndrome include: small skull, extra folds of skin under the eyes, flattened nose bridge, and low muscle tone throughout the body (Mattheis, 2007). Cases of Down syndrome are reported to be due to translocation […]

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