Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

“Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” is a play by William Shakespeare that gives a tremendous opportunity to observe a women’s life in the patriarchal world. Both Gertrude’s and Ophelia, the only female characters, are mysterious. Ophelia does not have many lines in the play, she hardly expresses her thoughts and emotions, and other characters do not […]

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Darkness over Denmark

A book report on Denmark and how they saved the Jewish people after the Nazis invaded and sent the Jews to the concentration camps. How the people of Denmark sent there Jews to Sweden to save their lives. Denmark played a very significant role in assisting the Jewish people from the pursuing Nazis who were […]

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Modern Telecomunications Technology in Denmark

As is like with any other country, Denmark enjoys a host of technological innovations and resources that have been developed over the past decade in order to fit the needs of those living within the area. If it holds true that many of the third world countries of today enjoy various modern technologies and innovations, […]

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