Social Work term paper

Presented in Diane Kravetz’s “Social Work Practice with Women” are various demographics, issues, concerns and social work intervention methods pertaining and focusing on women as a demographic group. Women are considered a special sector in society because of their specific needs and circumstances that often translate into situations wherein they are at risk, oppressed and […]

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Segmentation and Target Market

The fitness industry in the United States has grown greatly as more individuals are exposed to healthy living as a lifestyle. Rather than simply attracting athletes, fitness facilities are recognizable service providers to all demographics. As a result, the job outlook for personal trainers and exercise instructors is good. According to the “Bureau of Labor […]

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Role of Demographics in Management

Demographics refer to population characteristics like race, age, sex, income, employment status, home ownership etc. Such demographic data are used by governments to design and implement schemes for its people while marketing companies and opinion research use such data to evaluate the prospects of introducing new products and services into the market. Demographics are often […]

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Demographics and World Commerce

Advances in Information Technology and communication process have resulted in the availability of new channels of communication, an increased flow of information, and sharply lowered costs. This forces rapid changes in commercial environment and evolution of global business. While innovations in high technology often receive the greatest publicity, advances have been made in many fields […]

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Demographics and Crime Profile

Statistical information is the most relevant tool of identifying the real causes of crime. Metropolitan areas including New York are the areas, where crime hotspots are integrally linked to social instabilities and social problems of disadvantaged population. As a result, human beliefs about crime are also connected with social issues. New York is the area […]

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Canada’s demographic problem

As stated in the abstract, the problem of an aging population is that there is the presence of an imbalance of those that support the system and those that are supporting the system. In the case of the Canadian population, there is an imbalance in the number that are being supported by the pension system […]

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Canada’s demographic challenge

Canada is facing a severe demographic challenge. It is very likely to hit the economy very badly in near future. This may lead to internal and external crisis of situation. Within the country, it may face lack of all commodities and services that support human life and internationally it may loose its status as one […]

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The African Americans: A Sociological Perspective

The emergence of African Americans goes way back in the year 1619. Mid-July of that year, two pirate ships saw a Spanish frigate named San Juan Bautista slowly sailing between the Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba. Believing that it carried treasures, the pirate ships chased the Spanish vessel and trapped it in the Bay of Campeche […]

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