Pro-Democratic Movements in Iran

Over the past century Iran has experienced a number of dramatic changes in economics, politics, and social affairs. More so, the current struggle for democracy in Iran is rooted in a century of pro-democratic aspirations characterized by struggle, defeat, sacrifice, democratic learning, intellectual transformation, and political experience. The struggle has followed an oscillating pattern whereby […]

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Do You “Buy” The Democratic Peace Theory Why or Why Not?

The debate involving the role that democracy plays in causing peace has been a contentious subject concerning international relations. It is evident that no democratic state has wedged war on another democratic state, resulting in the assumption that with more states embracing democracy, there is the likelihood that armed conflicts will reduce leading to the […]

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Democratic Leadership

Introduction A form of administration in which all qualified inhabitants have an equal say in the decisions that affect their day to day activities is referred to as democracy. Eligible citizens are allowed to participate equally—either individually or through bodies they have elected —in the creation of laws, suggestion of projects or ideas and the […]

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Autochthony in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo & Africa

In Fratani Marshall’s article, the Ivorian crisis represents an emergence of a political situation, which leads to the occurrence of power struggles between indigenous Ivoirians and others who are excluded from the autochthony. The indigenous people consider themselves as being eliminated by outsides from key decision making functions prompting an uprising among ‘people of the […]

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Ralph Nader’s Democratic Dream

Ralph Nader was a presidential candidate in the 2004 elections of the United States. His campaign was fueled by priorities, honesty, and dreams. Ralph Nader is a man of action, and not just talk. For more than 40 years, Nader has done more than his fair share of being a good citizen. He has helped […]

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Dangers of Despotism in a Democratic Age

In his book, Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville expresses his concerns regarding the emergence of despotism in the new democratic age of New England. For Tocqueville, despotism does not solely reside in one man. Despotism is a form of power that does not abide by the laws or rules. According to Tocqueville, despotism is […]

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