Juvenile delinquency may be regarded as an extreme

consequence of a child’s unsuccessful interation with one of the more elements. Poverty, racial tensions, family conflict, peer pressure, mental and physical abililities , or inadequate educational oppurtunities may individually or collectively by factorss that negatively affect the child. “Why can’t they be like we were, perfect in every way, what’s the matter with kids […]

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Socio Economic Factors Influencing Delinquency

Introduction Contemporary delinquency theories can be deployed in supporting economic deprivation as a contributing factor in elucidating many crimes, though it is directly linked to property crimes like theft (Borraz & Gonzalez, 2011). However, this does not imply that the cause-and-effect association exists. This is because many lower-class citizens do not choose to engage in […]

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Delinquents’ Behavior in Rural Areas

Delinquency are crimes committed by the those who are under 18 years of age . These crimes are sometimes those that are called status crimes which if committed by an adult wouldn’t be considered crimes . Sometimes these crimes like robberies homicide are violations of law which would be crimes irrespective of age. The rise […]

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An Essay About Delinquency and Crime Article

The issues of delinquency and crime pose significant challenges to the various sectors of the society and the country in general. This is because of the fact that such concepts create problems that are inclined to test the government’s policy, the criminal justice system, and the ethical or moral norms. In fact, today’s modern world […]

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Delinquency Influences

Facts are to be considered in order to claim that child’s delinquencies be brought by the child’s social, community, and environmental relations are thought to exert a powerful influence on their involvement in delinquent activities. Noting now a day with the existing of huge technologies the child’s behavior was molded not only the direct family […]

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Delinquency Influences

Delinquency is a common trait shown by youngsters all over the world. Being a common factor among human beings, the need arises to find the psychological and sociological root cause of such behaviors. Under mentioned are two psychological and two sociological perspectives on certain delinquent acts. The acts in question shall be shoplifting, car jacking, […]

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